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Author: STDAware San Antonio

STDAware San Antonio is proud to provide the locals of San Antonio, Texas with the market's most detailed Sexually Transmitted Disease screening solution. Our standard 8 panel examination set screens for the most common sexually transmitted diseases discovered today. Our HSV-1 Herpes detection tries to find the existence of IGG antibodies as well as can inform you to a herpes infection within 4 weeks of coming in contact with the infection. Chlamydia is identified through the presence of the rRNA molecule which the body creates after becoming infected with c. Trachomatis. Gonorrhea's N gonorrhoeae bacterium is also discovered via rRNA analysis and a basic blood sample allows us to establish if Syphilis is in your blood stream. If you assume you might have come in contact with one of the Hepatitis liver infections, our 8 test panel will inform you. Although the very best value as well as doctor advised examination panel is our 8 examination panel, you may also purchase any of our examinations individually. STD Test San Antonio, STDAware, HIV Test, Chlamydia Test

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